The Azerbaijani Journal of Surgery is the official publication of the Azerbaijan Association of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists, which includes amongst its members over 500 specialists, working in scientific and educational departments of Azerbaijani clinics and practitioners at the medical institutions in the country. 

 The Journal has been launched in December 2020 and is published twice a year. It is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The Azerbaijani Journal of Surgery is a forum for the scientific interaction in areas such as general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, urology, anesthesiology-resuscitation, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology, transplantology, microsurgery and plastic surgery. The purpose of the Journal is to cover scientific progress and achievements in clinical and experimental medicine. Therefore it features articles of scientific and practical value for a wide range of surgeons and covering various areas of their specialization. The journal publishes not only clinical, but also experimental studies, which in the future can become the basis for the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases. The journal publishes original articles, literature reviews, lectures, recommendations for practitioners, descriptions of practical cases, discussions on the most widely referred issues of surgery and gastroenterology as well as information about scientific forums.

 The Journal’s team is particularly interested in research papers containing new results of clinical and experimental studies in various branches of surgery and gastroenterology, reviews analyzing leading international publications on the topic. For practicing doctors, the journal publishes works that offer and discuss innovative methods of treating patients and new technological developments. The journal also publishes information on materials from international conferences and forums with a summary of the most important messages.

 The Journal publishes articles exclusively in English. 

 The editor-in-chief of the Journal and members of the editorial board are highly qualified specialists in various areas of surgery working in leading medical centers in Azerbaijan, Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

 All publications are pre-reviewed and carefully selected. The manuscripts are reviewed by leading experts from the CIS countries, Turkey, Japan, France, Italy, the USA, etc. The high standards for the review of articles ensure only the high quality scientific articles are approved for the publication in the Journal. 

 The journal is distributed by subscription and has readers both in Azerbaijan and outside of the country. The readers are not only the highly qualified specialists in surgery and gastroenterology, but also include residents, doctoral students and students of medical universities. 

 The Editorial Board of the journal aims to get featured in the global databases – Scopus, EBSCO, PubMed and others. 

 The Editors thank all colleagues for their interest and for the materials sent for publication.