Dear colleagues!

We are all witnessing the rapid development of medical science. Achievements in all areas of medicine, including surgery and gastroenterology, today make it possible to rationally and effectively use numerous methods of laboratory and instrumental studies in the diagnosis of various diseases, clearly, reasonably and correctly determine the choice of treatment tactics and a method of correcting a particular pathology and the complications caused by them. Using the achievements of scientific and technological progress and innovative technologies.

Modern science, including medical science, cannot develop in isolation, within a single country. That is why, in recent decades, we have seen an increase in the number of international scientific forums in the form of congresses, conferences and seminars at which scientists present scientific achievements to a wide professional audience, the results of their own research on the pathogenesis of diseases, the characteristics of their course, the introduction of fundamentally new methods in treatment of diseases and their complications. Hence the relevance of the publication of the new scientific and practical journal “Azerbaijani Journal of Surgery” in English, created by the Association of Surgeons and Astroenterologists of Azerbaijan.

The fundamental principle in the idea of ​​creating the journal was the desire to expand the possibilities and accessibility to information related to scientific developments, innovations, the use of the latest technologies in world practice and the achievements of the scientific and theoretical basis of modern surgery and gastroenterology. In addition, we believe that a journal of this profile will allow professional doctors and novice researchers to always keep abreast of current problems, interesting discussions, as well as get acquainted with the opinions of doctors and scientists representing scientific schools of leading medical institutions of the country and foreign clinics and research centers.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all Azerbaijani and foreign colleagues who provided cordial support in the implementation of the idea of ​​this journal and wish the editorial staff all the success with the upcoming work.

Best regards, Editor-in-chief
Journal, Chairman of the Azerbaijan
Association of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists
Professor Rauf Agayev